“It’s time for revenge” Transgender taxi driver, who won £ 4 million jackpot, snubbed her own kids after the online win
Melissa Ede, 57, refuses to help her four grown-up children – 19, 29, 30 and 39 – after they left her when she turned her back to Les seven years ago.
A TRANSGENDER taxi driver who won £ 4 million in an online slot game snubbed her own kids this morning – and said, “It’s time for revange.”
Melissa Ede, 57, plans to spend money on a new house, a £ 50,000 Mercedes and a lavish wedding for her girlfriend.
She’ll even reward fans of her crazy YouTube videos who donated between £ 5 and £ 20 to replace their rotted teeth.

But she refuses to help her four grown-up children – at the age of 19, 29, 30, and 39 – because they turned their back to her when she left Les’s life about 12 years ago.
Melissa said, “I know that we should all love our children unconditionally, but they have excluded me from their lives, they were not there during my hardest time, and they rejected me.”
The picture shows: As can be seen in the “Mirror” magazine, winner Melissa Ede swore to annoy her children after a profit of 4 million euros.
“I still love them, but I do not want dishonorable love from them because I have money now.”
“The people who have stood by me through thick and thin – it’s time to pay them back.”
Melissa plans to leave the single room she occupied in a home for 15 years for a £ 500,000 pad in her hometown of Hull, East York.
She aims to throw away her Ford Mondeo for an R-Class seven-seat Mercedes.

Melissa also wants to waste the money for a wedding in 2018 with costume saleswoman Rachel Nason.
They met a year ago and got engaged after the five-time mother Rachel, 37, had poped the question.
It will be the second time that Melissa is married.
She married her school friend when he was 19 and she was 17.
She said, “It was a different way of life back then, I had one child with her and three others with another friend.
“But I know that I wanted to be a girl since I was three.”

She was Melissa for 12 to 14 years and finally had a full sex change in 2011.
She said, “My mother and dad both died last year, but since I became Melissa, they have not spoken to me.
“My children also broke me and changed their surnames so they would not be associated with me.
“There should be no stigma, people’s lives go awry, their make-up and their chromosomes.
“Every human being is important and it’s time people noticed that.”
She says that her newfound wealth will enable her to make her dreams come true, like getting new teeth, starting a clothing line and writing an autobiography.
Melissa won her jackpot after only paying $ 10 in a popular online slot game.
She said, “I called her right away and shouted to her,” Oh my god, you will not believe it, you just gave me 4 million euros. ”

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